Who we are

Many futurists, foresight practitioners, and strategists agree with William Gibson that “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” Often framed as commentary on the inequity of knowledge and innovation, this view is rarely embraced as a lens for reflection within the futures industry itself; but it should be.

Important futures work is often gated, in walled gardens — or worse — collecting dust on clients’ shelves: detached from its creators, and disconnected from the context and trajectory of the world around it.

That’s why we’re building RADAR: the first community-owned and powered futures engine, discovering, incubating, and delivering better futures for all.

RADAR reflects our belief in the power of web3 to create a decentralized, collaborative, and egalitarian future for everyone. It equips us with the tools and technology to cultivate a community of diverse yet like-minded collaborators, and fosters a structure that shares meaningful value and ownership with contributors.

In our community, foresight practitioners collaborate with strategists, writers, web3 experts, topical specialists, and community members to uncover novel insights that can meaningfully propel better futures. It’s like a futures agency and a venture studio had a baby, and a community raised them.

In short: We’re evolving passive discovery into forward motion, creating a futures collective whose members are active participants. Our strategic vision is to build foundations with the power to launch future-proof products and services poised for adoption.

At RADAR building ‘the Future of Futures’ means actively manifesting this reality together.

If you’re trying to read this RADAR report on mobile, don’t. Just don’t.

Grab a water, grab a seat, and cozy up in front of a bigger screen — because you’re in for a wild ride