What started as one Signal (it was about a hospital building trying to figure out how to help its patients feel more in sync) amounted to all of this. And for so many in the community, the process was deeply cathartic. Because this was an exploration that truly touched us all. That captured the moment we’re living through as a global collective and reflected on what got us here to begin with.

The loss, misalignment, impermanence, atomization, and system overload have been bubbling up for some time. The moody mix of post-narrative discomfort, fatigue, and paralysis has led us to hunkering down and falling into the cold embrace of nihilism. And the realization that there simply has to be something different: a new way out; a break from the faulty frameworks of old.

All of that hit us hard.

So many of us are currently in the position of building what’s next. Whether we’re supporting brands on their paths forward, cultivating communities that aim to break the mold, or striking out on our own, the yearning to create a better, more in-sync future runs deep.

We hope that the New Structures, New Stories, and New Behaviors uncovered here can serve as a roadmap for doing just that.

If we can imagine new frameworks, cultivate new systems of belief, and build new structures of belonging;

If we can help the world reprioritize its values, find better common language, and facilitate new pacemakers and points of shared connection; If we can build toward a world that embraces new modes of healing; that experiences more moments of collective effervescence, and approaches life with more playfulness, whimsy, and a hint of mischief…

That might just do it. 

But at RADAR we don’t stop at ‘Maybe.’

As we said from the outset, building ‘The Future of Futures’ means actively manifesting the futures we explore together. So this isn’t the end; it’s really just the start.


Which of the spaces we've explored are you most excited to see us ideate around in the FUTURETHON?

New Structures

New Stories

New Behaviors

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