We know, you know, NASA knows, Timothée Chalamet knows: The vibes are decidedly off. We’ve lost our footing. We can’t find our rhythm. And it’s disorienting.

Our relationships with each other, ourselves, and the world around us have undergone monumental change at an unsustainable pace, hindering our ability to cope. “Everything, everywhere, all at once” is right.

It’s not just bad vibes or Mercury in retrograde: The drivers that have caused this shift are numerous and tangible, from loss and impermanence to misalignment and atomization. As they converged, they ushered in a system overload that’s not unlike an aging Macbook with 74 open tabs.

While they have their unique origins and implications, each driver contributes to clogging the mechanics of our three identified spheres of synchrony, creating a paper jam without a qualified technician in our midst.

If you’re trying to read this RADAR report on mobile, don’t. Just don’t.

Grab a water, grab a seat, and cozy up in front of a bigger screen — because you’re in for a wild ride