We love a good portal to a new universe as much as the next decentralized community — and the multiverse is certainly one answer to this mess — but we've got a few more tangible suggestions.

New Structures, New Stories, and New Behaviors are the keys to unlocking a Future in Sync. But new doesn’t always mean novel: In certain pockets, the ancient meets the emergent to light our path forward; in others, it’s about rethinking and reconstructing to reset our pace; and elsewhere, it’s about stepping outside of time entirely and allowing ourselves get swept away in playful whimsy, awe, and catharsis into a more wild, emotionally-rooted form of synchrony.

“There is really no excuse for monoculture thinking. Allowing yourself to be post-monoculture opens you up to the same thing as being post-nation-state.  It’s the beauty of exploring what’s on the other side without there being a hard division or sense of violence. So where do we start?”

– Reggie James, Why Mars Needs A Creative Director

If it sounds overwhelming, we might find some comfort in the incredible generative potential of this transitional space we’re trying to leave. As Anne-Laure Le Cunff recently wrote, “Liminal creativity is new ideas emerging from the unknown, identities changing through challenges, innovations sprouting in the midst of chaos, new beginnings built from the remains of failures.”

It’s an attitude of openness and vulnerability that acknowledges the need for kindness, creativity, and a bit of magic to make it all work.

These are just a few of the ways we’re seeing it come to life.

"No one who lived through the Renaissance understood that they were in a Renaissance; it wasn't called the Renaissance until almost four centuries later. But the Renaissance is not an endpoint, the Renaissance is a bridge between modernity and the medieval era. So, the renaissance that we're in right now is also a transitional phase between two fundamentally different paradigms.”

— Jack Self
(Expert Interview)


New Frameworks for Thought - New Systems of Belief - New Structures of Belonging


Re-thought Values and Priorities - Better Sources of Common Language - New Pacemakers and Points of Shared Meaning


New Modes of Healing - More Moments of Collective Effervescence - More Playfulness, Whimsy, and Mischief

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Grab a water, grab a seat, and cozy up in front of a bigger screen — because you’re in for a wild ride